Meet Brian Robinson!

August 2017, Brian celebrated his 1 year anniversary with Mat’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply…and what a year it’s been! Brian’s position on our Marketing Team combines his passion for helping others with his incredible ability to make friends with everyone. Visiting Doctor’s offices, hospitals and nursing facilities to meet with providers gives him the chance to share services & products that Mat’s offers. Building & fostering these relationships comes naturally to Brian, as well as opening doors for new business. 🙋‍♂️Something that Brian loves about Mat’s Pharmacy is their willingness to make changes that are important for our patient’s.

Originally from Rhode Island, Brian has held a wide range of jobs from golf pro & furniture salesman to Sergeant in the US Army…oh, and horse dentist (you’ll have to ask him about that one yourself!) Brian proudly served as a Medic the United States Army for 12 years, 4 of them being active duty.🇺🇸 While on duty he enjoyed the structure of the military which he carries over in to his life now.

When he’s not working, Brian loves spending time with his adorable son Wesley. They love to play trains together; Wes even makes up his own songs about his trains! Some of Brian’s other hobbies include boxing, weight lifting and playing golf as much as he can. We are lucky to have someone with so much dedication & drive on the course for us!


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