Mat’s March Employee Spotlight…Meet Danielle Zarenkiewicz!

Danielle started at Mat’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in 2003 as a Durable Medical Equipment Technician. At the time, she was attending Bucks County Technical High School with a dream to be a nurse. After graduating, Danielle attended the nursing program at Bucks County Community College. With a gained knowledge in nursing, combined with her experience at Mat’s, Danielle found her passion for healthcare on the DME industry. She taught herself the ins and outs of DME practice by reading catalogs, familiarizing herself with the products, and keeping up with current legislation that affects the field.

Throughout the years at Mat’s, Danille took upon various roles such as cashier, delivery driver, fitter, personal prescription care, marketer and purchaser, which helped her build up her overall image in the durable medical equipment industry. She developed an organizational vision for the DME line at Mat’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply, turning one isle into five in the store, and building the thriving department into what it is today. Now, Danielle is a Certified Durable Medical Equipment specialist and board member of the Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers (

With the drive to excel in building relationships, Danielle helps train our staff and educate healthcare professionals on the vast world of medical supply. In her most recent role as Operations Strategist, she mobilizes the business to expand horizons and ensures avenues for new business ideas.

When she’s not working, Danielle enjoys spending time with her two adorable daughters, Jayceelyn and Miranda.


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