Mat’s June Employee Spotlight: Meet Kathy Stricker

Kathy began working at Mat’s Pharmacy on September 22nd, 1995…almost 23 years ago! She knew Mat from the swim club they both belonged to in Croydon Acres & also from playing softball with her husband. Word about Mat buying the Pharmacy quickly spread, and before she knew it, Kathy was a new employee beginning her long career with us.

Being our Pharmacy Tech/Discharge Coordinator not only keeps Kathy active in the community but also with our daily customers, whom she has grown to know on a first name basis. Once a patient is ready to leave their rehab facility, Kathy will meet with them & their loved ones to make sure they have medications prepared for the transition home.🏡

Family is one of the most important things to Kathy. She not only comes from a large family of 7 children, but also has 5 boys of her own and 8 grand-dogs!🐶 Celebrating special events and holidays with them is one of her favorite things to do, along with enjoying time in North Wildwood. 🏖️ Her co-workers at Mat’s are a second family to Kathy, as are her regular customers in the Pharmacy.

Whether it’s chatting about their day, asking about kids or telling a joke, this interaction is a treasure to Kathy…just as Kathy is to Mat’s Pharmacy!

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