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We strive to deliver the quality of life you come to expect, and deserve. Our high standards for health and wellness, coupled with our devotion to the community, distinguish us not just as another local establishment, but as an essential catalyst for achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Years at Pharmacy :26
Mat oversees all aspects of the business. He provides a strong sense of direction that inspires his employees to provide superior customer service, and encourages creative thought processes to allow the pharmacy to move forward to better serve our customers and the community.

Mathew P. Slakoper, R.Ph.


Years at Pharmacy: 24
As store manager, Cathy handles the administration of the store policies. She is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, personnel and resolution of any day to day issues that may occur.

Cathy Parker

VP of Operations

Jennifer handles all facets of medication adherence programs involving the pill tray, multipack and blistered medication program. She is our liaison for senior facilities and health care facilities for all medication related situations, and coordinates delivery to individuals on our program. Jennifer also manages every facet of our Durable Medical Equipment Department.

Jennifer Bowman

VP of DME and Personal Prescription Care

Years at Pharmacy: 15
Gary handles all facets of the medical supplies department. He resolves problems that may occur with regard to medical equipment and supplies.

Gary Drazek

Senior DME Technician

Years at Mat’s Pharmacy: 13
Jennifer handles medical supply billing problems with various insurance companies. She can also assist with questions and concerns regarding medical equipment and supplies.

Jennifer Ambrose

Manager of DME

Years at Mat’s Pharmacy: 15
John is our full time pharmacist. He handles all prescriptions that come through the pharmacy, as well as counseling on medication usage. John provides compounding services for those needing specialized medications.

John A. Slakoper, Sr PharmD


Years at Mat's Pharmacy: 24
Marilyn is the networking liaison for sales and marketing outside of the store. She develops and executes sales/marketing and advertising campaigns.

Marilyn Smedley

Administrative Assistant

Years at Mat’s Pharmacy: 22
Kathy meets with discharge planners, patients, or the patient’s family to supply the first fill of medications after discharge. She also follows up with calls to patients post discharge.

Kathy Stricker

Discharge Coordinator

Years at Mat’s Pharmacy: 15
Danielle is the liaison between healthcare facilities and home health agencies with regard to all medical equipment and supplies. She researches products and provides recommendations to fit the needs of their patients.

Danielle Zarenkiewicz

DME Marketing/Operations Strategist


At Mat's Pharmacy and Medical Supply we give you professional service with personal attention.