Management of Pain

Our compounding pharmacist has received advanced training in the preparation of custom pain medications in topical form to meet each patient's specific needs. We offer many unique options for pain management, regardless of pain origin and whether pain is acute or chronic. By working together with patient, physician, and other members of the health care team, we can individualize medications and make necessary adjustments to maximize pain relief.

Custom topical gels can be prepared by the Compounding Pharmacist to treat the pain at its trigger point. We formulate highly effective trans-dermal gels to treat pain, inflammation, and nerve damage.

We work with your doctor to compound different combinations of medications to treat specific pain needs.

Bio-identical Hormone

Hot flashes and night sweats are only a few signs and symptoms of menopause or perimenopause (a pre-menopausal time with symptoms of menopause). If you are a woman who is experiencing these symptoms, you will want to test your hormone levels. Saliva Testing will help identify which specific hormones are not within the normal limits. Using these test results as a guideline, your doctor can prescribe the correct combination of natural hormones to restore balance.

The hormones that are available from a traditional pharmacy are synthetic pharmaceuticals that usually are more potent than the human hormones. Many people prefer Bio-Identical hormones because they are derived from plant source and are modified to the exact molecule as human estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone and testosterone.

Veterinary Care

A compounded medication is prescribed to a pet when a veterinarian decides on a specific course of medication therapy suited to a particular animal. Compounding may be necessary because the medication is no longer commercially available, or because the specific strength, dosage form, or flavor is not available. Some animals like cats have very finicky taste requiring unique formulation methods to disguise the taste of drugs.

We custom make drugs to suit each animal's taste. Various flavors are available such as fish, chicken, liver, beef, and many more. We also have the ability to compound drugs that have been discontinued. Our pharmacists have training and experience in working with veterinarians to solve your pet's medication problems.